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  1. Review: USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Stand for Ultrabooks (with MacBook Air) November 22nd, 2013

    Strange as it might sound, as a developer I use MacBook Air almost exclusively for most of my work.  Yah, that doesn't sound right.  But it is true; and partly because I had been traveli

  2. Surface Pro (original) and Windows 8.1 impression for pen-based note-taking. November 2nd, 2013

    After a long research and decision making, I finally bought a Surface Pro,  the original one.  I also decided to go with the base model - 64GB version.  I figured if I need additional s

  3. Windows Phone 8, an amazing mobile phone experience with little shortcomings. October 1st, 2013

    ​ I have been exclusively using Windows Phone 8 for about few weeks.  This is a drastic change for someone who has been a loyal iPhone user from th

  4. July 1st, 2013

    Life without them is easy. It only gets difficult when we worry about what they might think.

  5. Playing with iPad + GarageBand App for one hour. June 25th, 2013

    I was organizing my hard drive files and came across this one.  About two years ago I was playing with iPad and GarageBand app ($4.99).  The entire piece was done in iPad within an hour (it

  6. Early thoughts on iOS 7 beta. June 10th, 2013

    As an Apple developer, I was able to download and install the new iOS 7 beta in my iPhone.  Since all developers are under Apple's NDA agreement, I really can't say much about it. &nb

  7. June 8th, 2013

    If you must know how blessed you are of that you have, you would need to lose it. - Random thoughts.

  8. June 5th, 2013

    Mastery in two is better than one. But with little knowledge of ten, illiteracy is better off - My Random thoughts.

  9. Beautiful Singapore River. June 5th, 2013


  10. Great moment caught in my camera - Steve Jobs & Kevin Bacon @ 5th Avenue Apple Store June 4th, 2013

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